No matter which side you look at it, women are the more improved versions of men. A comedian in his skit remarks: With God removing obsolete parts from men, women have emerged. In my opinion more useful parts were added on top of this. Women always knew the importance of a smile, a glance, a look, or a touch. On the other hand, men are just realizing the importance of these elements and how they can be used. Women never contented with what nature has given them and always wanted more. What they wanted wasn’t always a more youthful or better look. A woman is a walk, a picture, a poem, a city, a color, a smell, a novel. Woman is elegance, nobility.

Every woman wants to be beautiful, shine, glamour. For this reason, a woman must make you forget they have a dress. What they wear should get a life of itself on them. Their dress, smell or makeup should be an extension of themselves, should represent them, their glamour. Every woman should learn to know themselves. Women should explore themselves, find the better of them.

Every woman wants to go further, be the better of themselves, renew, improve, while not erasing the past or make it worthless.

Every woman wants to be loved madly with passion. A woman who gets praises for their intellect, beauty, and existence becomes the better of herself. Woman is love, and thrives on love and attention, gets more and more beautiful.

There is an article by Ahmet Altan that I like with the title “Choosing a Life, Not a Woman”. In it he says: The woman you choose is your life. Because you don’t choose a partner, you choose a life.

If you can’t be the sun, be a star, but become the brightest star in your sky and sea. Shine on…

With love…