Let’s go to your most distant memories.

During school years or even before that, when playing team games, what criteria did your team leader used to choose the teammates? Don’t remember clearly? Let’s get a little closer, during elementary school who did your teacher pay most attention to? The most hardworking one? Are you sure? In middle or high school years how did you choose your close friends, who did you want to be closer, who did you envy? What about college years? Professional life? How were you judged when applying for a job? How did you choose your personal partner? Or how were you chosen?

Don’t hurry, think about it for a few seconds.

Our subconsciousness which makes us, comes from nature. What do living beings do to get each other’s attention in nature? Why do the ones with more colors, more beautiful feathers or hair have an advantage? Does our primitive self that doesn’t change with education or culture have a say in our preferences?

Everyone who judges their life experience can see that being alluring has always had an impact on being chosen and liked. We always say what matters is the inner beauty, and although it is true, do you realize most choices aren’t based on this?

It shouldn’t be hard to guess the soft message a nose that has lost it’s rude features, the feeling of confidence bigger and better shaped breasts provide, or the energetic feeling a face that has lost its sagging. In this case, the hardest part is to accept this reality. Because our education and culture tries to teach us that physical beauty is temporary and not that important. But there are examples to the contrary all around the world. We need to come to peace with our primitive self and accept it as it is. This is the cruel part of life, but not without solution.

When we accept this reality, struggle and solutions begin. We’re with you through this solution. Plastic surgery is not a luxury. Being unwanted and unchosen affects your life more than most illnesses. For this reason, beauty deserves a real struggle and treatment. It’s possible to change with scientific guidelines. So your confidence can be noticed and you became the next choice of life.