Inability To Climax

Treatment for Female Climax Problem

Can treatment for female lack of climax be surg

How can female genital sensitivity be increased?

And is there a need for this?

Actually, I will answer the “why is this needed?” question in a separate article. For now, I want you to remember that the short answer is “for a lot of reasons”, and I will answer it from a evolutionary perspective. But I promise, the topic won’t go as far as primates 🙂

Unfortunately, women are still one step behind in sexuality compared to men. And their biggest problem is the lack of climax. This is a silly topic especially in the eyes of men. Afterall women don’t have to get erect, no need for preparations, bla bla bla… Of course this is complete B.S. I will talk about something that’s hidden in women, a subject that is taboo in this article. Because sometimes women don’t have much information about this subject too, I hope this can be helpful with discussions with their partners. 

Male and female anatomy goes through an embryological stage that is very similar to one another. For example, the counterpart of a female’s big vaginal lip is the testicals. How structurally similar they are right? Clitoris has the same tissue type as penis tip. Foreskin can be compared to clitoral skin fold. Now we’re going into the root of the subject. In sexual encounters, penis gets erect and sometimes comes out of foreskin. If the male is circumcised, penis tip is exposed and sensation is at higher levels. This is actually a problem for males. But since these tissues have their counterparts in women, how is this in women? During sex, clitoris, that magical point gets stimulated and wants to get out of its skin. This is where the problem happens. Sometimes, even if the clitoris gets stimulated, it can’t come out of that skin layer. 

Men don’t like condoms because there is a wall in between. Think about this skin tissue as a condom for females. And this is one of the main reasons for not reaching climax in women. If this is the only reason, it has a fairly simple solution. 

I have encountered a lot of patients that haven’t reached climax even though they were married for years. Most had this as the cause. If we can determine the problem through examination, what should be done is a simple surgical operation to get the clitoris exposed. Clitoral unhooding might solve the climax problem. But as with all surgical operations, it should be done on the correct subject with correct diagnosis. 

But can women diagnose themselves for this problem? Of course if they can’t see their clitoris while they are stimulated, they can determine this. What if she doesn’t have this problem but still suffers from climax problems? Are there other solutions? Answer to this is “of course there are”..

Welcome to an exciting world. 

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