Temple Lift (Temporal Lift) Surgery

What is Temporal Lift?

With aging, especially after 40 years old, the temporal area gets deteriorated aesthetically by some factors. At this period, sagging and stretching starts to show. These pressure the outer areas of the eyebrows and the eyes, moving them down and cause shape problems. Meaning, aesthetical problems on temples directly affect the eye area aesthetics. In short, the operation done for more youthful, stretched, and tight temples is called temporal lift

When patients arrive at our clinic, they gather their hair on the back top, tighten wrinkles around their eyes, stretch their eyebrows up and back and say “this is the look I want”. Does this sound familiar? Let’s continue…

Why Aesthetic Problems Occur On Temporal Area?

As I mentioned above, some age issues are to blame for deterioration in the temple areas. If we were to list some of these, they are: gravity, aging, quality of skin, smoking, immobile or stressful living, excessive exposure to wind and sunlight, irregular and unhealthy diets, and over use of mimics. 

How Long Does Temporal Lift Surgery Take?

Temporal lift is a surgery that is practical, risk free and with immediate results. The operation is usually done under local anesthesia and takes 30-60 minutes. With small incisions on the haired parts of the temples, temporal skin is lifted and after removal of the excess skin, stitches are made with special materials. 

Lifting the eyebrows in addition to temporal lift surgery is an aesthetic need and ensures a wholesome look. While thighs temple give a youthful look, interventions on the eyebrows reinforce thi look. Temporal lift surgery is generally considered with eye area surgeries. If eyelid deformation accompanies temple deterioration, eyelid surgery should be added to temple and eyebrow surgeries. You can consider temples, eyebrows, and eyelids as a beauty triangle.

How is the Healing Process After The Surgery? What Should I be Careful About?

You will be discharged on the day of the surgery.

At the first stages of the healing process, activities that will force the operation area should be avoided. 

Full recovery can be achieved after 2 weeks.

Bruises and swelling after the operation will go down within a few days.  

Incisions will be maked inside the haired areas of the temples, so no visible scar marks. 

After the operation, the temporal area gets a youthful and natural look. 

Temporal lift is often combined with face lift surgery. For more information visit: https://www.ozanbalik.com/en/facelift-surgery/