Let’s Magnify the Issue Of Size For Men

“It’s not the size that matters, but function.” Is that really so? Unfortunately not. Women have a more free thought process regarding sexuality. And their surgical efforts go back a long time. A woman’s approach to vaginoplasty has never been with cold feet. Especially if they gave birth, they knew beforehand that this would create some changes that need intervention.

In fact some women want this even if they don’t really need it. Reason is mostly because they can’t feel their partner during intercourse. “Problem is not the depth of the well, but the length of the rope” 🙂 Forgive the comparison. I think it’s time to start thinking about the rope’s problems more.

Is Penis Enlargement And Penis Extension the Same Thing?

We need to seperate penis enlargement and penis extension. Penis extension is nor truly an extension. Root of the penis is tied to the sifizis pubis bone via a ligament. This is a sturdy ligament tissue. When this ligament is cut off, penis falls 1.5-2 cm to the front. With removal of fat tissue around the penis root, 1-1.5 cm increase is also achieved. As you can see, the size of the penis is what it is. We can’t extend it but can expose a few cms that are hidden. 

But Penis Enlargement gives us more options. If we want to increase the volume of any area of our body with our own tissues, we can use dermis and fat tissues. Of course a combination of these two can be used at the same time. After removal of fat that is going to be transfered, it is filtered and decomposed. These tissues are rich in and are injected 360 degrees around the penis.

These are all done under general anesthesia. Only downfall of this approach, which is seen as the golden standard for penis enlargement, is that a portion of the injected fat will melt within 3-4 months. This is not a big issue because the rest will be with you for a lifetime and there aren’t any downsides or limits of repeating the process. There might be some structural waves on the penis but when you consider that endo-implantations in penis are quite popular, this is not that bad. 

When Can I have Sexual Intercourse After Penis Enlargement?

You can have sexual intercourse after 10 days of penis enlargement or extension without problems. And you don’t need to be cautious either. 

In addition to these operations, premeture ejeculations can be fixed in the same surgery too. Of course on the condition that you go through some tests to determine if you can benefit from this operation. For more information about premature ejeculation operaiton, visit: https://www.ozanbalik.com/en/premature-ejeculation-surgical-treatment/

What Are The Possible Complications After Penis Enlargement Surgeries?

There is absolutely no loss of erection ability or sensitivity associated with my approach. But as with all surgeries, complications might happen with these operations too. Although very rare, infection might occur after a week from the operation and shows symptoms with rash and pain. There might be a need for antibiotics or drainage. 

Bruises and swelling might occur in the areas where the fat is removed. 

In early stages, due to fat melting leakage might occur. A liquid with light olive oil colors might be observed. This will end after about a week.

Although very rare, clumping on fat (patients describe it as calcification) might happen after fat injections. If this doesn’t heal after 6 months, they can be removed surgically. 

Is There a Correlation Between Penis Size and Nose Size?

Although this sounds strange, this question is asked very often. There are a few anthropological studies that make this connection. For more information regarding nose, visit: https://www.ozanbalik.com/en/rhinoplasty/

All these operations are more often than most people realize. So you shouldn’t make this a bigger issue than it is. Or vice versa 🙂

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