It used to be that only women were thought of when plastic surgery was discussed. But modern world advances more and more into a unisex world. From rhinoplasty to face lift, from liposuction to buttock implants, to tummy tuck a lot of surgeries are requested by male patients too. I’m not going to even mention non-surgical treatments like filler, mesotherapy Platelet rich plasma, Laser hair removal. None of these are female exclusive anymore. As someone who has been raised in Anatolian parts of Turkey, I can see the ever changing thoughts of people around, including myself. This is a good thing. Life is a gift to us, and trying to make it better is something to be encouraged. This only shows how much of yourself you are aware of and the gift of life.

Of course there are some differences between plastic surgery procedures based on gender. Although it is a very sacred thing, no one can deny the effects of motherhood on the body. ? It is a very gender specific problem that only occurs on women. How about breast sagging?

Although women aren’t very aware of them there are male specific problems too. Although sometimes women also want it, muscle construction with Hi-Def is usually requested by men. A thicker or longer penis is also one of the discrete requests. And one of the lesser known and less used treatments by plastic surgeons is the premature ejaculation surgery is applicable to suitable patients. And of course hair transplantation is the most applied male oriented operation.

In short: Men, you are not alone. You can share your thoughts on any of this subjects.