A Short History of Hair Transplantation’s Development

First hair transplantation in the world was performed in Japan in 1940, and despite the common misconception this wasn’t really a hair transplantation. A patient who wasn’t satisfied with their pubic hair has had them implanted from his hair. After this approach success, this procedure has started to be used as a solution for male pattern baldness. During this time, hair transplantation was done using FUT. FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation, and is done by extracting a block of skin from the back of the head, leaving noticeable scars in order to better extract follicles. Within each follicle, depending on their splitting technique were a bundle of grafts. If the graft count were high in these bundles, there were cases of hair looking like leek. 

In 1988 FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) was developed and hand operated punches started to be used. After the addition of power driven punch machines in 2002, p-FUE has started to gain traction globally. 

With these developments, beard and moustache transplantation started to be developed with satisfying results. 

With Choi Implanter and French Needle’s introduction, eyelash implants have become possible. 

What is Frozen PLT Technique?

Final development in our clinic is the Frozen PLT. With this approach, your grafts are stored in banks full of your blood solutions. This increases the lifespan of your grafts. With FUE, especially in high count graft extractions, grafts are not connected to the body for a long time. With the increase of this period, it  gets harder for grafts to stay alive. Grafts are alive units and they need nutrition and oxygen like every part of our body. 

Before hair transplantation in our clinic, your blood is extracted, and with special procedures platelet and plasma gets separated individually. They are mixed with a solution that’s used in organ transplantations and get frozen in their petris which grafts will be put in. While grafts extracted using FUE in this Frozen PLT solution, it melts during the waiting time, thus preserving grafts for longer. 

Hair Transplantation is a Surgical Procedure…

Hair transplantation is done under local anesthesia and is an extremely comfortable procedure that can be done while chatting, giving meal and drink breaks. Although it seems like a very easy and comfortable, this doesn’t change the fact that it is a surgical operation. For this reason it must be done by or under the supervision of a plastic surgeon. This is both a medical and legal requirement. Please definitely ask for the medical team leaders credentials and medical degree. A real surgeon will be pleased to show you the degree that they worked for years to gain. You should do this check for your own health before deciding who will do your hair transplantation. 

FUE Hair Transplantation Prices

Although it is a surgical procedure, there are a lot of people doing hair transplantation other than surgeons. Because there is no investment made for a degree, these individuals can do this operation for lower prices. And unfortunately, partly due to social media’s impact, some patients can be price oriented in their decisions, pushing them towards conditions far from ideal. Even getting hair transplantation in a hospital doesn’t always guarantee an operation by a surgeon or medical professional. In short, if you are willing to make a choice based on the price, be ready for unpleasant consequences. FUE Hair Transplantation pricing isn’t really based on graft count that much. If we are not talking about a really narrow area, maximum amounts of grafts are aimed. And 3500-5000 graft extraction doesn’t change much in terms of hair transplantation pricing.