Hardest thing with both this article and the operation is to name them. Let me explain it this way. Let’s say a patient has an issue with their face, and they can evaluate this on a mirror by looking at their nose, lips, or cheekbones. On the first examination they explain what they don’t like about their faces and their expectations. But we don’t see faces based on one individual part of it, neighbouring structures also affect this problematic area. 

With genitals, there are also a lot of anatomical structures, and each of these have different purposes. And these structures are almost always in tandem with one another. Despite this fact, patients usually request for one specific surgery, like genital tightening, or smallment on inner lips. Some almost want an operation without examination. But genital area is a whole structure. Inside this structure are vagina, vaginal inner lips, lips, clitoris, tissues covering clitoris, and anus tissues. 

As with all medical approaches, operation direction should be decided based on the identification of the problem. If a patient asks for vaginal tightening, they should be asked the reason for this request. Or what is the reason for the request of shortening of the vaginal lips? Most frequent reasons patients give are insufficient feel during intercourse or non aesthetic look from the outside. But based on who or what? How can you decide if a vaginal lip looks ugly? Is there standards of beauty in this area, if so what are they? Is the lack of sensation related to the size of the vaginal canal? Maybe your clitoris is too much coated and a simple clitoral unhooding will change your whole life. 

Or maybe you’re adopting the problem as your own while it is completely your partners. What about the vaginal lip? This is one of the most important vaginal structures but often ignored. Why is aesthetic perception this important though? Because sex starts with the brain. 

You can’t see an important subject such as sexuality through a narrow scope. You need to start by telling what you want to your surgeon for the optimum solution. Don’t let men put you into their own measurement tools they use for themselves, and start a race that uses centimeters or inches. Female genital beauty requires a different scope.