Biggest concern for our patients is to look like someone else after face lift surgeries. But, aim of these operations is not to change you, but get rid of the marks of time, and make you the way you used to be.

When was the last time there weren’t any folding on the upper eyelid? When was the last time you used mascara freely? Or, when was the time your cheeks were where they are supposed to be, shining like the sun? When was the last time your skin had the estrogen filled youthful qualities? If I were to get you close to those times, would you be someone else?

Whether it’s facelift, or eyebrow lifting, or neck lift, all we do is erase the marks of the time past. If gravity is pulling cheeks and jaw down, we will lift them. If your cheeks get accumulated on your jaw we will pull them towards the back of your ears. If your eyelids sagged, we will remove the excess parts. If you have worn skin, we will make it shine again with fraxional, radiofrequency, Q-Switch Nd-Yag Laser treatments, or with peeling, mesotherapy, and Platelet rich plasma. You didn’t have these problems in the past right? So are you changed when we fix these problems?

In short, with facial surgeries the aim is not to turn you into someone else but to find the best possible version of yourself and bring it back. You can think of it as a sort of time machine. You won’t be a stranger to yourself.

But if your past is so far that you can’t even remember, that’s another story 🙂

Ozan Balik M.D. Aesthetics Plastic Surgeon