Dhi Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair loss is mainly a male problem, but can be seen in women too. With today’s technology, there are a lot of ways to do hair transplantation, but all of them require hair to be shaven and this might dissuade some (mostly women) from getting hair transplantations. Almost all women don’t want their hair shaved for hair transplantation. Their socio-cultural positions might block them from doing this too. But what can we do, is this hopeless?

Of course not. Choi Pen is invented by Korean Dr. Choi in 1990. These pens have a thin cannula that the extracted hair can be put in individually. After putting hair into the cannula, it is transplanted on the target area in the correct angle using the pen. After piercing the skin using the pen, graft is implanted under the skin. This way, grafts are transferred one by one using the choi pen. Because grafts are implanted without making slits first, it is sometimes referred to as dhi hair transplant Implantation (DHT/DHI).

Of course using Choi Implanter is laborious and time consuming. And this requires a bigger medical team. And there for price increases. But the ability to transplant hair shows us just how technologically advanced we currently are.

What are the Differences Between DHI and Classic FUE?

Dhi Hair Transplant, biggest difference from classic FUE is the implantation of hair without shaving.

Because grafts are implanted 1-2 minutes after extraction, they don’t wait without a connection to the body. This decreases the chances of hair getting damaged.

In the areas that are sparsely hairy, implantation is possible to do transplantation. A thicker implantation can be done in the narrow areas.

What are the Disadvantages of Dhi Technique?

Operation takes longer in comparison to classic FUE. Because it is a really delicate process, maximum concentration is needed, which increases the operation time.

Process is different from classic FUE, and requires a high level of experience on the medical team members.

Grafts are implanted without delay in DHI technique. Because of this, a high level of experience is needed to have the all implanted hair on the same angle and direction.

Dhi Hair Transplantation Prices

DHI begins just like FUE and implants are done one by one with Choi Implanter. Because of this it is more laborious and time consuming than classic FUE. These reasons make pricing for DHI Hair Transplantation different from FUE. Please contact us for DHI Hair Transplantation pricing.

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