You have seen it in a lot of movies: someone screams on the skirts of a mountain and snow starts to slowly slip down. This starts the snowballing effect thus creating an avalanche. Can you think of an avalanche while you confess your love? Alright, I’m just trying to make laws of physics look cute. There is a cnetic power of sound waves. If the sound waves are in a proper distance they create a resonance, thus increasing its energy and getting more powerful. Okay, now we’re on the subject you really are curious about. These sound waves can break down your fat just like they do with snow masses. Name of this wonderful technology is: VASER

Vaser uses ultrasonic level sound waves, meaning you can’t really hear it.Even if you could, you would be under anesthesia so it’s not really a problem. Just kidding 🙂

VASER is a system that has been used since the 80s and has been improved greatly in the late decade. It’s 2.9 and 3.7 mm wide probes send ultrasonic waves to target fat tissue and break them down. Fat tissue is shaken so much that it breaks and gets liquefied. Afterwards, suction probes are used to get this fat out. Liposuction (or with its name under VASER: Liposelection) gets to a whole new level with VASER. Liposuction with VASER becomes less painful, with less bruises and minimal skin sagging. Why less pain: because it specifically aims at fat tissue, nerve tissue gets less damage. Remember, in an avalanche only snow slips down not the stones. Why less bruises: because it specifically aims at fat tissue, veins get less damage. Why less sagging: Because ultrasonic sound waves heat the skin from under causing a controlled burning, thus making the body produce more collagen and achieving a tighter skin. 

In short, you can confess your love safely with VASER Liposuction… I mean while losing fat. How? You can read more about it here: