Society has some criteria about some parts of women body reflecting woman figure more. For instance; it is a common sense that when outer lines of eye brows are curved (even though there are a lot of contrary examples), it looks more attractive. Besides, upturned nose tips, long and thin fingers, and longer necks are also perceived attractive in the society. We even have common rules for boobs whether they can hold pencil under or whether they can climb to a flat wall in the moment of danger, etc. J Nonetheless, it is shocking to see that our society has never created an esthetical image for booties, and never even tried. When we ask it to women, they just want an oval bump behind them, and that’s all for them. However; in reality there are some details about butts which create nice butt perception in our minds such as crest where both gluteal balls (butt cheeks/ buttocks) join, dimples of Venus on both sides of the crest, joint angle where butts connect to legs, the way butt cheeks touch each other, and butt cheeks looking oval or hollow on the sides. There are a variety of procedures to be chosen while creating the idealized butts such as removal of excessive fat, fat injection to low or groove parts, placing silicone prothesis, sometimes skin removal, and folding excessive tissue on the belly inside. Following a nice consultation, we choose one of those methods together with the patient. You can run into commercial fantasies like high volumes of synthetic filler injection or hanging with threads among all those digital information pollution, but I don’t recommend them. The reasons can be discussed in another article if you want me to.

Why butt augmentation gained so much popularity in recent years?

Due to popular culture, widespread internet, and social media use thanks to smart phones. No matter that countries have different cultures, internet unifies people around standardized perceptions. Deriving from internet, nose job was the first one to be so popular. It was so obvious, and not possible to hide. It is perfectly logical that booties which are the ones easy to hide and not visible by the public just recently gained popularity.

Can all women who want butt implants have the surgery?

Every woman who does not have any health problems against surgery can have butt implants.

Are there certain criteria for butt implants?

It is the patient to think that she will have better looking butts and suitable one for her body within the scope of her surgeon’s beauty perception.

How butt augmentation surgery is performed?

Operations are performed with general anesthesia.

With how many methods can butt augmentation be performed?

If the operation is silicone implant to butts, implants can be placed to both butts through the crest. If it is fat injection, fat tissues collected from other parts of the body are injected to low or groove regions on butts. Although there are some surgeons filling butts with high volume of fat injection, in my practices I don’t prefer fat injection to fill whole butts. To me, silicone implants are more suitable. I find it logical to use it only for filling local regions. Does fat injection obtained from the patient herself? If she does not have enough amount of fat how will operation be performed? Fats used in fat injection are absolutely obtained from the patient herself. Otherwise, patient would have tissue compatibility problems like in organ transplants. If the patient does not have enough amount of fat, then fat injection is not an option for the patient. How butt prothesis are used? Are they in different sizes like breast prothesis? Similar to breast prothesis, butt prothesis are also in different sizes and types. They are used by placing them into butt muscles. Well, can these prothesis be understood by people? If prothesis are placed on the muscle; in other words, right beneath the skin, it is inevitable for them to be visible. Most of bad result cases occur because of this technique. In order to get rid of this problem, prothesis needs to be placed into muscles (gluteus maximus). What patient needs to be careful about after butt implant surgery? What is the possibility of pain and scar mark at post-op? After butt implant operation patient should be careful about the way of sitting and sleeping. Patients usually starts neglecting caution 1-2 weeks after the operation since pain stops and they start feeling okay. As butt muscles are already strong and prothesis also add pressure on them, newly recovering incisions can feel the pressure and get disrupted even though they are sutured 4 times in the operation. It is not possible for incision to be seen as it is hidden under the butt crest. Are there any risks with the butt operation? Of course. It is a surgery and every possible risk regarding a surgery is also valid for this one. Deriving from the information it looks like a foreign body is placed in butts, is there a risk for the body to reject it? Theoretically, our body can reject any kind of foreign body. However, silicone is a quite inert material and unlikely to be rejected by the body. In the worst case scenario, body can create capsule around prothesis. In my practices, I have never seen a silicone implant rejection by the body so far.