Happiness… What a beautiful concept. Makes food taste better, air more fresh, and even makes the song you’re listening better.

This effect starts to show up in our infancy, it is not something that is gained later. Babies like being touched. Until recently we didn’t know the cause of this but recent studies have shown that physical connections like massaging and caressing releases endorfine. This release increases blood circulation and fastens the healing process too. This is the basis for the reflexology.

As with all surgical approaches, plastic surgery is decided with cuts and stitches. No matter how successful a stitch is made it is inevitable to have at least minimal scar marks. To make these marks better we use a lot of applications but we also need positive effects of your body too. You can call this positive thinking or affirmative motivation.

I started practising plastic surgery in 2002 and in my observations from then on show that positive and happy people heal faster and better. They also have better scar mark quality. Quality and beauty of healing is not only measured by scar marks though, tissue healing, having less pain, having better results, and less complications in part can be attributed to positive thinking.

Negative people get more problems. As the idiom says: “Care killed the Cat”. Not everything has a logical explanation, but I can’t see a problem caused by being positive after the surgery.

So, smile…