Year is 2014… And we were yet again making a rhinoplasty dream come true.

This is the biggest concern of our patients. And it’s a justified one. We all see bad examples. In the 80s There was a time when noses were shaped like a sledge and patients found this to be good looking. In the 90s most of these patients applied for a revision rhinoplasty

Current aim in rhinoplasty is to have natural looking and functional noses. Let me underscore it, nowadays, noone one wants noses that look like sledges and have nostrils that are purtriding like tractor lights. Cases we see this way are mostly from bad operations, or miscommunication with the surgeons. 

Best way to understand your surgeon’s plans is to have simulations. Of course your operation won’t be done by a computer. But these simulations, whether 2D, 3D, or on a piece of paper is to get you to understand your surgeon’s understanding of beauty.

Of course your nose is a living tissue, and it won’t be operated by a computer. Don’t forget this part. On the operation table, your nose, your surgeon and their lancet will be the ones that matter. Good music of course always helps 🙂