What is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)?

Human body is a huge organism. Cells combine to form tissues, and tissues to form organs, and organs to form systems etc. And it keeps growing this way. Then, how this system understands when you get your body injured, and how it detects the damage and repair it? Let me summarize the story with an example of finger cut. You got your finger cut, and it started bleeding.

The tissues right outside of the vein have also an identity like all other tissues in the body. When platelets in blood touch these veins, they identify the veins and stick on them. Later, they all overlap with each other and accumulate on the tissue. This is called as coagulum. While coagulating, platelets (in other words thrombocyte) identify wounded tissues and release some stimulant into the body. It is like an S.O.S help scream. Closest regenerative cells take action and come to crime scene. Further ones are also called for repairing wounded tissues during healing process. Well, what we are supposed to do with this information?

Knowing this reaction of our body, we push it for overtime work for rejuvenation and skin renewal for our personal interests. After concentrating platelets in your blood we draw from you with special kits, we take it into injection with your plasma. It is a procedure taking around 10 minutes. Then with very tiny needles we inject them as tiny amounts into your skin. Each prick of those needles is actually a type of wound alarming the body for help. Since we already injected condensed platelets to these prick spots, all the reviving materials required (growth factors etc.) will be released abundantly. Even though it is very tiny needle entering inside, the amount of materials released for renewal will be high. At the end of this process, cell cycle and increase in collective tissues will be managed in injection area.

It means renewed joint cartilage for orthopedics, renewed discs for neurosurgery; and renewed, younger, and revitalized skin for us plastic surgeons.

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