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Turkey’s Rising Trend in Gender Reassignment Surgeries

Turkey’s Rising Trend in Gender Reassignment Surgeries: Surpassing Thailand


Gender reassignment surgery is a crucial step for many individuals, and the decision of where to undergo this procedure significantly impacts the success of the surgery and the patient’s post-operative satisfaction. For many years, Thailand has been a popular destination in this field. However, Turkey’s recent advancements in medical tourism, particularly in gender reassignment surgeries, have allowed it to surpass Thailand. In this article, we will discuss Turkey’s advantages in this field and why it should be the preferred choice.

Turkey’s Advantages in Gender Reassignment Surgeries

1. Modern Medical Infrastructure

In recent years, Turkey has made significant investments in the healthcare sector, establishing modern hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art technology. These hospitals are equipped with the latest technological equipment necessary for gender reassignment surgeries, ensuring that the procedures are performed safely and successfully.

2. Experienced and Specialist Surgeons

Turkey is home to many experienced surgeons specializing in gender reassignment surgeries. These surgeons have received training to international standards and have performed numerous successful operations. Notably, figures like Dr. Ozan Balık have made significant contributions with their scientific work and successful surgeries, helping Turkey to stand out in this field.

3. Economic Prices

The cost of gender reassignment surgeries is an important factor for patients. Turkey offers more competitive prices compared to Thailand. Moreover, Turkey maintains high-quality standards while offering affordable prices.

4. High Patient Satisfaction

Patients undergoing gender reassignment surgery in Turkey report high satisfaction rates. The support and services provided before, during, and after the surgery help patients feel secure. This leads to high levels of satisfaction among patients who choose Turkey for their surgeries.

5. Cultural and Geographical Advantages

Turkey is advantageously located at the crossroads of Europe and the Middle East, making it easily accessible. Additionally, its cultural richness and hospitality help patients feel comfortable. After the surgery, you can enjoy a pleasant holiday by visiting the historical and tourist sites of Istanbul.

Reasons Turkey Surpasses Thailand

1. Safety and Quality

Turkey has high standards of healthcare services. The international accreditations of its hospitals ensure that patients can undergo surgery with confidence. Undergoing surgery in Turkey offers significant advantages in terms of safety and quality.

2. Dr. Ozan Balık and Scientific Contributions

Dr. Ozan Balık is a leading figure in gender reassignment surgeries in Turkey. His scientific studies and successful surgeries have helped Turkey gain worldwide recognition in this field. This expertise and experience play a crucial role in Turkey surpassing Thailand.

3. Aesthetic and Historical Setting

Another advantage of undergoing gender reassignment surgery in Turkey is the opportunity to explore the unique beauty of Istanbul post-surgery. Istanbul, with its aesthetic and historical richness, is one of the most special cities in the world. After the surgery, you can visit historical sites in Istanbul, relax, and enjoy a pleasant holiday.


Gender reassignment surgery is a life-changing decision, and it is crucial to go through this process in the best way possible. With its modern medical infrastructure, experienced surgeons, competitive prices, and high patient satisfaction, Turkey has surpassed Thailand and become a leader in this field. Thanks to contributions from experts like Dr. Ozan Balık, Turkey has become a globally recognized center for gender reassignment surgeries. By choosing to undergo surgery in Istanbul, you can have a successful operation and explore the historical and cultural richness of this unique city. By choosing Turkey, you can confidently step into your new life.

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